Juggle Jack Journey

Juggle Jack was started from Liong Danny (Founder)’s idea to create an App which is able to create Android App. This idea seems like a good idea, since the technology development is so fast and everything is mobile right now. That’s why an App is what every businesses need right now.

This idea is combined with marketplace, which is the happening thing right now. The increase of Small Medium Enterprise (SME) who create App, their products will be listed to be sold in a marketplace. In that way, SME will have their own App and sell their products in a provided marketplace.

To make that idea comes true, Liong Danny engage his friend Junaedi Widjojo (Programmer) to create a startup together. Since that meeting, Juggle Jack was developed since April 2016 until now.

Creating engine for Juggle Jack took a long time. In June 2017, Juggle Jack was launched officially on Android Play Store. To improve it’s interface, Juggle Jack also hired Lydia Kurniawan (Designer) on August 2017 as a team member to upgrade Juggle Jack’s design value. In November 2017, Juggle Jack was launching it’s new interface and gained positive responses from users.

In January 2018, Juggle Jack improve the website interface to reach desktop users. After that, Juggle Jack is planning monetize this App with subscribtion system. Premium members will unlock special features and enjoy the free advertising App. Advertising as marketing strategy will be used to gain more users too.