Juggle Jack

Online shopping is becoming one of our culture when it comes to lifestyle. People love to buy products from online marketplace because it’s simple, convenient, and cheaper too. This culture makes many online marketplaces site become bigger and bigger (BukaLapak, Tokopedia, Lazada, etc.).

With the growth of online marketplaces, people who agile enough to follow the trend could get many profit by selling their products in online marketplaces. This makes online entrepreneurs becoming one of proper jobs in Indonesia and many other countries.

The problem with online marketplaces nowadays, most of the online entrepreneurs who are really success are distributors. They post their distributed products and sell it online.

That’s make most of SME (Small Medium Enterprise) are only trading company. SME which intend to build self products are suffering with big brands company which helped by trading company. Consequently, SME with self brand are unpopular and hard to growth.

Juggle Jack vision is to help those SME with self brand to express themselves with more customize-able tools than any other online marketplaces. It can make customize-able Web and Android Applications that helped SME to show off their unique brand.

With this platform, SME with self brand like cafe, restaurant, make-up artist, photographer, band, etc can explain their products to customer with customize-able way. That’s make our slogan is:

Expand your business, get increased in network, manage an easy life, makes your business simple with just your finger.


Currently, Juggle Jack is in development phase with limited resources. We try to make this big idea become reality with our small team. We already launch the Juggle Jack website and Juggle Jack Play Store. We get so many great responses and the growth is constantly amazing.

If you are interested with this idea, we are looking for a team and funding to make this better future happen. So, don’t hesitate to contact us for every better future opportunity.